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      ABOUT US
      官方網址: www.tuanqianggou.com
      聯系電話: +86 — 13371983985
      Q Q號碼:2330575689
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      上海昱炫船舶科技發展有限責任公司按照中華人民共和國公司法在上海閔行區注冊成立,是一家股份制企業。 公司是以船舶產品、加工裝配、組裝成品、市場銷售、售后服務、技術支持為一體的綜合型企業,面對廣大客戶進行成品一對一直銷服務。公司擁有以下幾種系列產品:船舶液壓系統成品、管系閥門成品、五金配件成品。公司擁有專業的技術團隊負責產品的研發項目,自主設計研發了專為液壓產品、液壓領域等,對管路內壁清潔度要求較高的管路清潔產品:(管路清洗槍),以及所使用的輔助消耗材料:(清洗耗材、清洗球)等。注明:(上海昱炫船舶科技發展有限責任公司對本網站內所有的產品、圖片、文字、型號等擁有最終解釋權。) 公司位于中國大陸海岸線為中心的長江入???、也是中國第*一大城市,GDP總量居中國之首的-------上海市。上海是經濟、交通、科技、工業、金融、貿易、會展、航運等比較發達的樞紐城市,上海有著現代化城市深厚的文化底蘊,眾多歷史古跡,風景秀麗依人、環境優越、生活節奏飛快的美麗城市。

      Company profile: Shanghai Yu Hyun marine science and technology development co., LTD is a joint-stock enterprise, which is registered in Shanghai min hang district and in accordance with the company law of the People's Republic of China. Our company is an integrated enterprise, which is supported by shipping products, processing and assembling, assembling finished products, market sales, after-sales service and technical, and it is in the face of the broad masses of customers to finish one to one marketing services. The company has the following series of products: marine hydraulic system finished, piping valve products, and hardware accessories products. Our company has a professional technical team, which is responsible for the projects of researching and developing products, and the team has designed the pipeline cleaning products (such as pipeline cleaning gun) and the use of auxiliary consumption materials (such as cleaning ball) by themselves which requires a higher cleaning of the pipeline specifically for hydraulic products and hydraulic field, etc. Our company is located in Shanghai City, which lies in China's mainland coastline as the center of the Yangtze River estuary, it is also the largest city with the total GDP ranking the first in China. Shanghai is a relatively developed hub city, which owns the economic, transportation, science and technology, industry, finance, trade, exhibition, shipping and so on, and it is also a beautiful city, which owns the rich modern city culture, many historic sites, and the beautiful scenery in accordance with the people, the superior environment and the fast rhythm of life.


      企業宣言: 做企業要以人為本,以善行德。員工要做好個體,服務社會。如(道德經)中所說:日月德天,四時更替;水潤萬物,生命恒焉;君子以志存高遠,積善求成,而善智化物,則海納百川;善達天下,生生不息;

      Enterprise declaration: We do business should be people-oriented, do good things to develop our moral. The employees should do well in their job, serve the society. As the Detain describes: the sun and the moon alternate; four seasons replace; Water embellish everything, the life continues forever; The gentleman has a higher goal in order to ideals, by doing good things to success, and good intelligence compound, all rivers run into sea; Everyone is full of goodness in their hearts all around the world, life and growth in nature forever.


      企業文化: 善文化------善待員工,以人為本;善待客戶,竭誠服務; 水文化------海納百川,溶物無聲;激流涌進,水到渠成;

      Enterprise culture: Good culture -----treat workers well, people-oriented; treat customers well, wholeheartedly services; Water culture ----all rivers run into sea, soluble substance silent; Torrent poured into, the river comes into a ditch;